[asterisk-users] Questions about SIP From, P-Asserted-Id fields and Diversion headers ?

Daniel Tryba daniel at tryba.nl
Tue Jun 5 08:23:17 CDT 2018

On Tue, Jun 05, 2018 at 11:34:51AM +0200, Olivier wrote:
> 1.According SIP RFCs, is possible/recommended to have different values in
> From and P-Asserted-Id fields ?
> For instance, From field showing 123456789 and P-Asserted-Id showing
> 987654321 (beside privacy considerations) ?

Yes, most obviuos need for PAI is a call where anonimity is desired by
caller. Set the From to anonymous at anonymous.invalid and PAI to a real
user if the destination is trusted, any proxy that handles this message
that doesn't trust a destination will strip PAI thus ensuring privacy.
> 2. When Bob forwards to Cory a call coming from Alice, would expect
> Diversion/History-Info header to include Alice's number ?

No, diversion/history should contain Bob.

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