[asterisk-users] G729

Doug Lytle support at drdos.info
Thu Jul 26 08:46:58 CDT 2018

>>> And I'm not at all against Digium making money. But this whole 729 thing is a mystery without any official feedback...

Not an official statement from Digium, but at the top of that thread, it says it all:

Sep '17

It still need copyright licensing.

You will need to find an open source implementation that is not based on code with commercial use restrictions. The allegedly open source implementation that was around whilst the patent was live actually had a void licence, because the purported licence was GPL, but it contained code identified by its upstream supplier as not for commercial use, invalidating the GPL.

If you want a royalty free G.729, you need to write it yourself, form the specification, not from the existing sample code."


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