[asterisk-users] Video call recording and mobile push notifications

Jeremy Renner admin at havesoft.com
Thu Jul 5 10:25:52 CDT 2018


I would like to setup up my SIP server / PBX for my business, likes
broadsoft, now we have some candidates:

1. Open source solution:

   -     Asterisk PBX,
   -     Freeswitch PBX
   -     Kamailio
   -    OpenSIPS

2. Business solution:

   - Brekeke PBX(https://www.brekeke.com
   - Vodia PBX(https://www.vodia.com)
   - 3CX PBX(https://www.3cx.com)
   - PortSIP PBX(https://www.portsip.com/portsip-pbx)

*Below features are mandatory for our project:*

   - Video call recording (For the finance industry, the video recording is
   - Push notifications for mobile app
   - Multi-tenant support
   - Both Linux and Windows support (at 1st stage, we would like to run it
   on Windows server and migrate it to Linux server in the future if users
   increased), the Linux support is required, the Windows support is preferred.

We have some questions:

   1. Does the the Asterisk can works as the Broadsoft ?
   2. If yes, does the Asteirsk  support push notifications and video
   recording ?
   3. Does the  Asteirsk   can works for Multi-tenant ?
   4. If Asteirsk doesn't support push notifications, does there has any
   3rd plugin supported ?

So far according to our research, with the business solution:

   - The Vodia PBX, PortSIP PBX and brrekeke all are support Multi-tenant,
   the 3CX is not.
   - The 3CX and PortSIP support push notifications,
   - The PortSIP also provide client SDK, with 3CX we only see the 3CX
   provide client apps, does 3CX has client SDK provided ?
   - It's seems all these PBX are support video recording ?
   - The PortSIP PBX and 3CX both support Linux.

Please help me to make the decision, we are plan host a service likes
broadsoft, base on your experiences, which one (open source or business
solution) is good to us ?   I'm really new to VoIP...

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,
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