[asterisk-users] figuring out what happened to a call

hw hw at gc-24.de
Sat Dec 1 06:12:52 CST 2018


how can I figure out what happens to inbound calls?

The inbound calls I'm particularly interested in make phones that are 
members of a queue ring; when the call isn't picked up, another phone is 
dialed and when the call still isn't picked up, asterisk hangs up.

I want to know the following:

+ Who's calling?

+ What did the caller dial?

+ Is an inbound call being picked up or not?

+ Which phone picks it up?

+ Which of the phones that could be rung for the call are busy so that
   they can not be used to pick up the call?

+ How long has a call been going on for (for both the ones that were
   picked up and the ones that weren't)?

I could only figure out who is calling and might be able to figure out 
what the caller dialed.  There seems to be no way to tell how a call is 
being dealt with, though.

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