[asterisk-users] Queue breaks Dynamic_Features on Attended Transfer

Daniel Journo dan at keshercommunications.com
Wed Aug 8 13:33:27 CDT 2018


I think I've identified an issue and just want to check before completing a bug report.

Prior to a call entering a Queue, I set __DYNAMIC_FEATURES=NewRecordApp. AgentA answers and is able to use that feature code.
If AgentA performs an attended transfer of a call from a queue to AgentB, the feature code no longer works.

Cases that do work are as follows...
Calls using both Queue() and Dial() applications, prior to transfer, feature code works.
Calls using the Dial() application, both Blind and Attended transfers still allow the feature code to work.
Calls using the Queue() application where AgentA performs a Blind transfer to AgentB still allow the feature to work.

It only doesn't work when using Queue() and an Attended transfer is performed.

Is this a bug or is there something that needs to be set to allow the DYNAMIC_FEATURES to be inherited after an attended transfer from a queue?

Many thanks,

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