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OK - I'll have to rethink how to solve this problem.  Maybe I made some
assumptions...here's what I'm trying to accomplish:

I've been given a legacy PBX with SIP capabilities.  I need to have SIP
phones connect to Asterisk (for other features, part of the next step) which
passes the calls through to the legacy PBX.  And conversely, calls to that
extension number on the legacy PBX have to ring the SIP phone connected to

Maybe proxy is the wrong word I chose.  Asterisk is something like a peer to
the legacy PBX.  I thought about setting up individual SIP accounts on the
Asterisk box to connect to the legacy PBX, or maybe a SIP trunk to the
legacy PBX (assuming it can route calls through the SIP trunk to a peer to
reach a phone).  The legacy PBX is a Nortel in case that matters.

I'm supposed to figure this out and present options but having trouble
figuring out if Asterisk would be a peer, or pretend to be many sip agents
registering on the legacy Sip pbx, etc.  I think I'm stuck at the conceptual
level.  (Still a beginner in training - but having fun learning Asterisk)

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On Tue, Apr 10, 2018 at 09:22:02PM -0400, Telium Technical Support wrote:
> I need to create a SIP proxy to be placed in front of a legacy PBX.  
> When a phone registers with the proxy, I would like Asterisk to 
> register with the PBX behind it.  (To tell the PBX to send calls to 
> the proxy and then to the SIP phone).
> Can I use Asterisk to create a proxy like this?  Is there a way to 
> cause the Asterisk to register with another host when it receives a 
> successfully registration?

You can, but maybe you should use a sip proxy (like kamailio) for this task
instead of a back to back user agent like asterisk.

You can listen to events triggered on registration to asterisk and with
realtime intergration add the register to the PBX (or manipulate sip.conf).
This still might be easier to implement compared to (for
example) kamailio if you are new to that.

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