[asterisk-users] PJSip CallerID Question

Daniel Tryba daniel at tryba.nl
Sat Apr 7 05:50:58 CDT 2018

On Fri, Apr 06, 2018 at 02:27:31PM -0500, Brent Davidson wrote:
> I have multiple Asterisk instances set up in different locations and would
> like to modify the callerID of inbound calls to identify which instance the
> call is coming from.  I knew how to do that with the old sip format, but
> can't seem to figure it out with PJSip.

So how did you do that?
> Currently Location A, extension 10 calls Location B, extension 20.  CallerID
> on Extension 20 displays "10" for the callerID.
> The Desired configuration is for Extension 20 to show "Locati0n B - 10" on
> the caller ID.  I don't want to modify the caller ID for each individual
> extension as I want the intra-location caller IDs to show just the extension
> number.  (e.g. LocA/Ext. 10 calls LocA/Ext11 - LocA/Ext11's CallerID
> displays "10", but LocA/Ext10 calling LocB/Ext20 displays "Location A - 10"
> for caller ID.

You examples contradict.
> Rather than routing these to the "internal" context, should I create another
> context and somehow parse/manipulate the caller ID in there then route to
> "internal" ?

TIMTOWTDI, but I'd choose to set the CALLERID(name) on the sending side
dialplan (where it routes calls to external extensions).

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