[asterisk-users] Chan Local, Originate and slin

Kseniya Blashchuk ksyblast at gmail.com
Wed Nov 22 04:24:41 CST 2017

Hi all!

Asterisk 13.1.0 Ubuntu 16.04, all latest.
Can anybody explain this to me - I run Originate command from dialplan:

 same => n,Originate(Local/${number}@mycontext,app,ConfBridge,${confnum})

and I get crazy sound distortion in the conference, and I see that
transcoding takes place here:

  NativeFormats: (slin192)
    WriteFormat: slin
     ReadFormat: slin192
 WriteTranscode: Yes (slin at 8000)->(slin at 192000)
  ReadTranscode: No

When I do the same from a call file like:

 same => n,System(printf "Action: Originate\nActionID: 1\nChannel:
Local/${number}@mycontext\nApplication: Confbridge\nData: ${confnum}\n" >

the sound is perfect and this is what I see on the channel params:

  NativeFormats: (slin)
    WriteFormat: slin
     ReadFormat: slin
 WriteTranscode: No
  ReadTranscode: No

Can anybody explain what is going on?
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