[asterisk-users] pjsip subscribe (presence) always returns: No matching endpoint found

Benoit Panizzon benoit.panizzon at imp.ch
Sun Nov 19 12:11:04 CST 2017

Hi Joshua

thank you for the quick reply

> Have you checked the Asterisk console when PJSIP is loaded to see if
> the endpoint did not load for some reason? Does it show up in "pjsip
> show endpoints"?

Yes, the endpoint shows up.

 Endpoint:  11/(scrubbed from mail)                                       Not in use    0 of inf
     InAuth:  11/11
        Aor:  11                                                 1
      Contact:  11/sip:11@[2001:4060:dead:d1d0:204:13ff:fe 58af7d6822 Avail         5.799
  Transport:  transport-udp             udp      0      0  [::]:5061

I had the qualify statement at the wrong place, but that's sorted out now.

But still, subscribing to the hint results in a 404 error.

Acutualy, that subscribing is a bit odd, it's a snom M9 phone that is trying to subscribe to itself.
That does not make much sense in my opinion.

It just that chan_sip reported OK to this and chan_pjsip replies with 404.
Or is pjsip more intelligent and trying to prevent the phone from subscribing to itself?


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