[asterisk-users] CDR_TDS driver disappears - "does not provide a license key" on reload attempt

Stefan Viljoen viljoens at verishare.co.za
Fri Nov 10 04:44:15 CST 2017

Hi All

I have an Asterisk instance that will at random intervals stop
logging CDR data to MSSQL via FreeTDS.

On investigation I'll find that the FreeTDS module has been unloaded
somehow. It is not listed in cdr show status or show module like.


module load cdr_tds

results in

module cdr_tds does not provide a license key

and the module is not loaded.

The only way to get things working again is to kill Asterisk, and do a make
install again.

On restart, FreeTDS is back.

Just replacing cdr_tds.so from a backup fails, Asterisk still won't load it.

You have to replace the asterisk binary -and- the cdr_tds.so file - their
sizes change as well, and a sha256sum when FreeTDS "does not provide a
license key" varies for both the main asterisk binary and the cdr_tds.so

I have this on multiple sites very far apart, different hardware, asterisk
instances compiled at widely varying times.

Anybody encountered this before?


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