[asterisk-users] ​ PJSIP and Non Media Proxy

Saint Michael venefax at gmail.com
Sun Nov 5 12:42:50 CST 2017

​Now that Joshua had the kindness to respond, I see here a big disconnect
between Digium and the VOIP industry. 99% of the VOIP entrepreneurs like me
would need to avoid proxying the media.  Would would Digium support and
bring in with such fanfare a channel like PJSIP that lacks the only thing
that 99% would need to do business in an efficient manner? I mean people
like me buy and sale billion of minutes every day, and most of my peers
gravitate towards Opensips and other solution that do not touch the media.
Yesterday I had to roll back my sleeves and go back to the old sip channel.
I would love to see Asterisk-PJSIP to find a way to act like a proxy. This
would turn Asterisk into a real wholesale business tool, which is not, so
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