[asterisk-users] Using queue priorities to add agents

Steve Davies davies147 at gmail.com
Thu May 11 06:17:40 CDT 2017


I have a scenario that I am failing to implement using the Queue app, but
which I had thought would be commonplace...

1) (this bit works fine) I want a queue caller to have access to the basic
set of agents initially, with an overflow to additional agents if they are
busy - This is done using penalty:

member => SIP/dev1,0,Agent1
member => SIP/dev2,0,Agent2
member => SIP/dev3,1,Agent3 is overflow

2) But, after 60 seconds, I want Agent 3 to be included whether the 1 and 2
are busy or not. None of the queuerules options seem to achieve this
because regardless of which agents are included or not, the penalty used to
group them is also penalising them.

Help? Is what I want possible?

PS. I did consider hacking the meaning of QUEUE_MIN_PENALTY so that it
actually increases lower penalties to it's current value, thus putting them
on an even footing, instead of blocking out agents.

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