[asterisk-users] ✈Re: what a nice day

Marco Signorini marcotasto at libero.it
Wed May 10 23:11:26 CDT 2017


I've had a really nice  day and I just wanted to share something  really cool with you, please take a  look  http://kbs.irrdesign.com

Marco Signorini

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Because  I want to shoot other  stuff. I want to get better gear to  shoot other things that give me better  stuff.  

Why should I care about  shooting  the  low leveled cabal on Mars, when I could get  a better  weapon to shoot high leveled hive in the raid  on the moon? The only  reason why I put  up with those  cabal is because I could  get a better machine gun  from the vanguard  with  the  marks I got from  the  strike.

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