[asterisk-users] Need to restart Asterisk if remote server not working?

Max Grobecker max.grobecker at ml.grobecker.info
Sat May 6 13:16:10 CDT 2017

Hi Luca,

Am 06.05.2017 um 15:49 schrieb Luca Bertoncello:
> I'm running an own BIND on my Linux-PC...

Me too ;-)

> Maybe should I configure a forwarder for the zone t-online.de? It not
> difficult, and if you mean it can help, I'll do that...

In the meantime, I setup forwarding requests to "t-online.de" and "t-ipnet.de" to the address
That is kind of a global DNS resolver for all customers and is working since the 90s without address changes.

> Could you say me how can I disable the SRV lookups?
> I use Asterisk on an OpenWRT device.

In your sip.conf, simply add

srvlookup = no

To your DTAG peer configuration.
If set globally, you may break the ability to directly call SIP addresses.

> The version of Asterisk on my OpenWRT unfortunately does not support dnsmgr...

On embedded systems, I often had problems with "stuck" DNS.
But that was ages ago... The last time on my old "Horstbox" with Asterisk 1.2 and bristuff on Linux 2.4 :-/

Have you rebooted the whole WRT device or just restarted the Asterisk service to resolve your problem?
Maybe it's less an Asterisk issue but one with DNS caching on this device?

Viele Grüße aus dem Tal

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