[asterisk-users] Having problem getting Asterisk to work on CentOS 7

Dan Cropp dan at amtelco.com
Tue Mar 14 12:54:15 CDT 2017

Thank you Jean.

I changed selinux to permissive in the /etc/selinux/config and restarted.  Asterisk was able to start up.  One oddity though, I now see two different pids for asterisk (pgrep asterisk).  Is this to be expected or do I still have something wrong?

For my second issue, after stopping firewalld, SIP traffic is now making it through to Asterisk.

I need to research both selinux and firewalld some more.  They are both new to me.

Have a great day!


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Did you disable selinux ? It usually causes troubles when starting asterisk as a service. You can do this with : setenforce 0 (this will not totally disable selinux, but switch it to a permissive mode).

For your second point, maybe you should check that firewalld is either stopped or configured properly. By default it has  quite restrictive rules.

Best regards

Jean Aunis

Le 14/03/2017 à 17:45, Dan Cropp a écrit :
Some background information.

I have used Debian with Asterisk for several years.  Have encountered zero problems.
I am now trying to setup an Asterisk on a CentOS7 box using VMWare Workstation.  I am brand new to CentOS and RHEL so I may be missing something obvious.

I am installing CentOS Minimal Install and Asterisk from Source.  (I have installed Asterisk from Source on Debian hundreds of times without any problems).
After installing CentOS (only root user), I update CentOS.  I then install the CentOS "Development Tools".
Also install, I install net-tools and wget.

After that, I am following the Wiki pages for Asterisk from Source.
Retrieve the asterisk-13-current.tar.gz and the pjproject-2.6.tar.bz2

I uncompress them, run the asterisk install_prereq script to install all required packages.
I configure PJPROJECT, make dep, make, make install, and ldconfig

After that, I install asterisk
make menuselect
make install
make samples
make progdocs
make config

After that, I modify the asterisk conf files for a couple pjsip endpoints and turn on debugging and verbosity.  Copying settings from another box which is working.

I am seeing two different issues....

First, when I restart the box, the asterisk process is present.  However, it's not writing anything to the log files so it seems to be stuck.  Any idea why running Asterisk as a service after the make config would not seem to fully start up?

Second, I stop the asterisk service.  Make sure asterisk process is not present.  Then, I start it up manually going to the console.  Everything is running.  I see information written to the asterisk log files.  However, I try to connect phones to this and it does not work.  I used tcpdump to verify the SIP packets are making it to the CentOS box, however Asterisk is not seeing the SIP messages.
I run netstat -apn | grep -i asterisk and see Asterisk udp with port 5060.
The one thing I notice is my Debian installations have always been eth0.  CentOS is using the newer ens33.  Might this cause a proble?
Any suggestions?

Have a great day!


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