[asterisk-users] tcpbind and source IP address

Kseniya Blashchuk ksyblast at gmail.com
Thu Mar 9 05:05:36 CST 2017

Hi all!
I am running asterisk 13.1.0 on Ubuntu server 16.04. There are two IP
addresses from the same subnet set on one interface, and bindaddr is set to
the second on them in sip.conf and in iax.conf.
Incoming connections work as expected. However, for outgoing connections it
seems that asterisk tells the kernel to use the specific "bind" address
only in case of UDP usage (both SIP and IAX work like that). In case of
outgoing TCP connections (SIP TCP and TLS) the first IP address from the
interface is used.
In my understanding, normally 'bind' should not only tell on which address
to listen, but also which source address to request for outgoing
connections, but it works only for UDP connections for some reason.
Can anybody explain if it's a normal behavior?
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