[asterisk-users] SIP option for Google Fi or Ting.com or similar - 911 is difficult.

Rob Townley rob.townley at gmail.com
Fri Mar 3 11:56:32 CST 2017

​Want to integrate my cellular service into my asterisk dial plan, so this
requires SIP capabilities such as one can get with Vitelity vMobile.  Does
Google Project Fi or Ting or another offer a SIP integration option, but
not advertise it?

A drawback with Vitelity vMobile is that it will not complete a 911 call
when just on WiFi.  So if your remote cabin has internet, but is in an area
without cellular service - or if the cellular antenna sat on top of  the
World Trade Center - you can not call 911.  Otherwise, i really like

​Like Google Project Fi, vMobile will uses the other phone number
associated with the phone - the MobileDirectoryNumber, not the DID nor
MIN.  Meaning the 911 call center will see a totally different phone number
than what you remember your phone to be.  When it comes to this, vMobile
using the MDN idiot proofs the sip setup.

Wish all firmware would automatically send a TXT message to 911 with GPS
coordinates every five minutes or so.  Yes, most 911 does not receive TXT
messages yet, but becoming more common.  Possibly use text-to-speech to
announce location into the phone call.

911 is hard.  A recent tour of  a local 911 call center showed 911 systems
are way out-of-date and proprietary.
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