[asterisk-users] Autodialer - call simultaneously to both ends

Jean Aunis jean.aunis at prescom.fr
Mon Jun 26 07:15:40 CDT 2017


You can certainly do this with the ARI interface but you will have to 
write some code.

You could for example originate two channels, send them to the same 
Stasis application, create a bridge and place both channels in it.

Best regards

Jean Aunis

Le 26/06/2017 à 14:06, Harel a écrit :
> Hello List,
> I'm working on an autodialer project.
> At the moment I use the Originate application then I "throw" it to an extension where I Dial() the other party and then both legs are bridged. The problem is that the Dial() will only run after the Originate finish its bit and I have lots of wasted time or even worse, the remote party hanging the call because instead of a human speaking to him the call setup to the 2nd leg only starts when remote answers.
> Is there a way to start calling both parties at the same time and bridge them when one answers (which will then hear the ringback tone until 2nd party answers)?
> Thank you
> Harel

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