[asterisk-users] ARI events : ChannelDestroyed and ChannelHangupRequest

Jean Aunis jean.aunis at prescom.fr
Mon Jun 12 03:43:48 CDT 2017


I noticed that when a channel is destroyed, two different events can be 
raised : ChannelDestroyed and ChannelHangupRequest. These two events 
seem to be mutually exclusive : if I receive a ChannelHangupRequest, I 
will never receive a ChannelDestroyed, and vice versa.

This behaviour does not look consistent with the documentation, which 
states : "ChannelDestroyed : Notification that a channel has been 
destroyed". So I would expect a ChannelDestroyed event to be raised each 
time a channel is actually destroyed.

Is it a bug ?

Best regards

Jean Aunis

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