[asterisk-users] semi-OFF-TOPIC - SIP iptables and NAT - same source, different destination

Gabriel Ortiz Lour ortiz.admin at gmail.com
Fri Jan 27 12:58:58 CST 2017

Hi all,
  anyone with iptables master power pack knowledge :) ?

  Having some problem with NAT!
  I have a server that is the LAN gateway (A) with the public IP, and two
asterisk boxes behind it.

  I've configured port forward so port 5070 goes to *1 and 5080 goes to *2.
Working fine.

  The problem is when some machine outside tries to talk with both
  As soon as the 1st package gets routed to *1 the subsequent packets will
all also get routed to *1, no matter that the destination port is now 5080.

  Seams like some "nat cache", where it will decide to forward all packets
to *1 that come from origin "IP:PORT" X (since it was the first one

  anyone with iptables master power pack knowledge :) ?
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