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Victor Villarreal mefhigoseth at gmail.com
Fri Jan 13 13:21:11 CST 2017

Hi Alejandro,

The documentation about your question is here:

After a few seconds of read, I think that VTigerAsteriskConnector can run
on a separate server than Asterisk PBX.

VTigerAsteriskConnector connects to Asterisk via Asterisk Manager Interface
(AMI), so you need to edit your /etc/asterisk/manager_custom.conf (because
you use Elastix distro) and create a user for the VTigerConnector. Then go
to CRM Settings -- > Integration --> PBXManager and complete all the info.

Note that seems that VTigerCoonector needs Java 1.7 onwards.

Please, follows the steps on the links. Cheers.

2017-01-13 16:04 GMT-03:00 Alejandro Cabrera Obed <aco1967 at gmail.com>:

> Dear, I have Asterisk 1.8 (installed with Elastix 2.4) and I want to
> integrate a Vtiger 6.5 server.
> In my PBX I have Asterisk 1.8, Java 1.4 and I have not Java Jetty.
> What are the requirements in the Asterisk server in order to install the
> VtigerAsteriskConnector package and then integrate the services.
> Thanks a lot.
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