[asterisk-users] Looking for Speech Recognition (ASR) suggestions

Dan Cropp dan at amtelco.com
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Hello Luca,

Thank you for your response.  I’m familiar with speech recognition and TTS, but new to MRCP.

Yes, the 100k options is used for names in a directory listing.

In the pre-MRCP support, Nuance ASR used API events/methods for the application to tell ASR when the prompt was playing and when it stopped.  If ASR detected speech, it would signal an event so we would stop playing the prompt.

When using MRCP for ASR, is MRCP responsible for playing any prompts during the recognition?
Basically, I’m wondering if I need to copy all the prompts stored on our Asterisk box to the MRCP box so it can use them during the play/ASR.  Or would some form of bridging be used for the play on Asterisk while MRCP would perform only the ASR?

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you are correct. Very large grammars are only feasible with UniMRCP, and there is recognition quality to keep in mind too, which is far better on Nuance or Lumenvox than you can get with Pocketsphinx.

We use Lumenvox with UniMRCP for most ASR use cases, but with 100,000 options it might very well be the only solution for you.

Mind if I ask what the 100k options are for? Person names for a directory?

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On Wed, Feb 22, 2017 at 4:43 PM, Dan Cropp <dan at amtelco.com<mailto:dan at amtelco.com>> wrote:
Is it correct that the unimrcp is the best approach for Asterisk and ASR/TTS?

Could anyone provide pros/cons for the various ASR options for Asterisk?
We need the ability for very large grammars (over 100,000 options).  Because of this, my initial thought is Nuance or Lumenvox.  Does this sound correct?

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