[asterisk-users] asterisk13: no voicemail prompt in German

O. Hartmann ohartmann at walstatt.org
Sun Aug 27 08:53:29 CDT 2017

According to the instructions given at 


I converted and installed German prompts successfully and for numbers, I can successfully
listen to a German female voice counting or telling the date/time.

But unlikily, somehow the voicemail prompt is still English, although my general language
settings are "de".

I use pjsip.conf, not sip.conf.
In asterisk.conf, there is the follwoing defined:

defaultlanguage=	de_DE

In extensions.conf,

I use:

format=		gsm

and for the inbound endpoint:

exten   =>      THENUMBER,1,SetGlobalVar(CHANNEL(tonezone)=de)
same    =>      n,SetGlobalVar(CHANNEL(language)=de_DE)
same    =>      n,Set(DIALGROUP(group_isp2,add) = PJSIP/502)
same    =>      n,Set(DIALGROUP(group_isp2,add) = PJSIP/512)
same    =>      n,Dial(${DIALGROUP(group_isp2)},30)
same    =>      n,VoiceMail(502 at my-vmmbox)
same    =>      n,Hangup()

and in voicemail.conf I have

tz=             german  ; Timezone from zonemessages below. Irrelevant if envelope=no.
locale=         de_DE.UTF-8     ; set the locale for generation of the date/time strings
(make ; sure the locales are installed in your operating system; e.g
german=                 Europe/Berlin|'vm-received' a d b Y 'digits/at' kN

So far.

In asterisk.conf, the directory for sounds data points to


which is comprised of 


de_DE contails all the .sln16 and .gsm files, owned by asterisk:asterisk, from the source
above. Since the prompting of numbers and the date works well, but not the voicemail
prompt, there is something fishy I can not fathom.

For your help I'd like to thank in advance,


O. Hartmann

Ich widerspreche der Nutzung oder Übermittlung meiner Daten für
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