[asterisk-users] Asterisk 13 on old VMware ESXI 4

Nathan Anderson nathana at fsr.com
Wed Aug 2 07:08:18 CDT 2017

Richard Kenner wrote:

> But the question here
> was *Asterisk*, not kernels.  User-level code has *way* fewer
> dependencies.

*Precisely*.  Unless we're talking DAHDI here (which we're not), Linux & ESXi are red herrings.

Carlos Chavez wrote:

>       I am having a very tough time trying to replace an Elastix 2.X 
> install running as a virtual machine on ESXI 4.  

There's no way this has anything to do with ESXi or the version of it that you are running.  Zero.  Zip.  Zilch.

If you want to prove this to yourself and others, take the *exact* same binary bits, install them bare-metal on another piece of hardware, run the same traffic through it, and watch it crash and burn in the same way.  The only way that I can see this playing out differently is if the bug (yes, bug) in Asterisk and associated libraries is extremely timing-dependent, and running it in a VM is exposing this bug in a way that most bare-metal installations wouldn't.

> I will try using chan_sip 
> instead of PJSIP to get things running but confidence is not high.

Given that the log entry you pasted into your e-mail references "libasteriskpj.so", I'd bet $$$ that switching to chan_sip has an extremely high likelihood of working, assuming that your set-up has no particular dependencies on PJSIP-specific features that you have to work around (and if you are migrating from an Asterisk 1.6 installation, I'm guessing it doesn't).

Best of luck,

-- Nathan

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