[asterisk-users] TDM400P takes too long to ring

Ryan, Travis RyanT at OscarWinski.com
Thu Apr 27 13:54:03 CDT 2017

I am getting caller id fine on the phones and console, but not sure about the formatting your are talking about. It always just worked for me in the past. Is there something I can easily see to know if I’m not setting it right?

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If you are trying to detect caller ID, and it is being supplied by the telco in the format you have configured in /etc/chan_dahdi.conf then this should not cause a delay. Are you actually seeing the caller ID being displayed on the ringing phones?

If, however, the telco is not supplying caller ID info, or it is being supplied in a format that you have not set up for, this is likely the cause of the delay (looking for caller ID).

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On 27 April 2017 at 12:48, Ryan, Travis <RyanT at oscarwinski.com<mailto:RyanT at oscarwinski.com>> wrote:
Hey all,

I have a setup with two analog lines coming into and Asterisk 13 box with a TDM400P and it takes a lot of rings before asterisk takes over. I’ve traced this same box on two different analog providers so it probably isn’t a problem with them.

I DO have callerid enabled and not sure I can turn it off (if they will let me). Any other ideas of making it ring through faster?

By the time my internal phones get rang the customer has heard upwards of 7 rings. Some customers hang up thinking no one will answer.

Also, I have fax detection off in my dialplan.


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