[asterisk-users] TDM400P takes too long to ring

David Duffett dduffett at digium.com
Thu Apr 27 13:03:08 CDT 2017

If you are trying to detect caller ID, and it is being supplied by the
telco in the format you have configured in /etc/chan_dahdi.conf then this
should not cause a delay. Are you actually seeing the caller ID being
displayed on the ringing phones?

If, however, the telco is not supplying caller ID info, or it is being
supplied in a format that you have not set up for, this is likely the cause
of the delay (looking for caller ID).

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On 27 April 2017 at 12:48, Ryan, Travis <RyanT at oscarwinski.com> wrote:

> Hey all,
> I have a setup with two analog lines coming into and Asterisk 13 box with
> a TDM400P and it takes a lot of rings before asterisk takes over. I’ve
> traced this same box on two different analog providers so it probably isn’t
> a problem with them.
> I DO have callerid enabled and not sure I can turn it off (if they will
> let me). Any other ideas of making it ring through faster?
> By the time my internal phones get rang the customer has heard upwards of
> 7 rings. Some customers hang up thinking no one will answer.
> Also, I have fax detection off in my dialplan.
> Thanks,
> Travis
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