[asterisk-users] log incoming calls without answering

James Cloos cloos at jhcloos.com
Thu Apr 20 18:29:18 CDT 2017

>>>>> "FM" == Fabio Moretti <fmoretti at tecytal.com> writes:

FM> when a call enter, asterisk sense it and store its values (callerid,
FM> date and time, etc) somewhere, but nothing more, people will answer
FM> using the old analog phone.  The goal is to have a log of the inbound
FM> calls without touching the old analog system (it's shared between
FM> different subjects).

IIUC, the pots line has both some number of analog phones a/o fax
machines on it, plus a fxo->sip gateway, yes?

You can route the sip portion to asterisk and have the dialplan log
everything but never answer.

You may want to call the Ringing dialplan application, but even that
may not be required.  OTOH, calling Ringing should prevent the gateway
from assuming that the asterisk machine never saw the INVITE.

Eventually, when the other extension answers, the fxo->sip gateway will
cancel the sip call just like it would if the caller hung up.

(There is a possibility that any given gateway may not cancel the sip
call until the analog call is completed; you need to test.)

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