[asterisk-users] Voicemail asking for login

Pete Mundy pete at fiberphone.co.nz
Tue Apr 18 01:42:58 CDT 2017

Hi D'Arcy

> On 18/04/2017, at 5:17 am, D'Arcy Cain <darcy at VybeNetworks.com> wrote:
> <snip>
> One user (that we know of so far) has a different experience.  In that case they are asked for a mailbox number first.  <snip>
> I have tried searching for this issue but nothing seems to apply.  Most discussions are about "*97" vs. "*98".  Can anyone suggest another field of enquiry?

Try this:

	asterisk -r
	core set verbose 10
	[get user to trigger fault]
	[examine console output, and post to list if still unclear]

If you don't solve it yourself, then we'll be able to help further once we've seen the output.



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