[asterisk-users] Issue with Asterisk 13, multiple CDR per queue and arbitrary upper limit

Michaël Gaudette michael at virtutel.ca
Sun Apr 2 12:45:24 CDT 2017


After playing with this issue I'm starting to think this has little to do 
with the 5000 limit - at least not directly.

The amount of CDR entries to be written to the DB is just too high for 
either Asterisk or the Database to keep up, and it possibly creates issues 
around DB access (on which my Asterisk dialplan relies). Is there any way to 
"slow down" the writing of all the CDR entries? Or, on the contrary, to have 
the CDR entries be flushed at every 100 "entries to be written" instead of 
5000, so that the hit is relatively small?



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On Fri, Mar 31, 2017, at 10:55 PM, Michaël Gaudette wrote:
> Hi,
> I`ve recently upgraded a server from 1.8 to Asterisk 13.  While
> everything
> is under control, I have one issue with the way CDRs are kept for queues.
> And I don`t mean “I don`t like it”. I mean it crashes the server.
> I realize there are multiple CDRs per queue call – one per ring/per
> phone,
> basically.  The issue is that whenever the number of CDRs “to  be
> recorded” for a call exceeds 5000, Asterisk becomes unresponsive for a
> few
> minute. I get this message in the console:
> “taskprocessor_push: The 'subm:cdr_engine-00000003' task processor queue
> reached 5000 scheduled tasks again.”
> This scenario is trivial to reproduce: a queue, with simultaneous ring,
> 20
> phones, all unreachable, 1 second between attempts.  After 250 (5000
> divided by 20) seconds of waiting asterisk partially breaks down.
> This seems to be because while multiple CDR`s are written per queue call,
> it`s only done at the  end of the call, so CDRs accumulate in
> memory/cacher/whatever and break some limit.
> So, my question is:  is there any way to force the CDR`s to be written as
> the queue app is working it`s magic, instead of at the very end of the
> call? Or anyway to work around this limit? Or any fix for this?

There is not. If you are running the latest version I'd suggest filing
an issue[1] as we definitely should not crash under the scenario.

[1] https://issues.asterisk.org/jira

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