[asterisk-users] Coming to AstriCon? Check out these presentations by Asterisk Team Members

Asterisk Development Team asteriskteam at digium.com
Fri Sep 23 15:42:49 CDT 2016

Check out these 4 presentations by members of the Asterisk Development Team:

*Deploying Digium Phones the easy way with DPMA*
How to configure and manage your phones over a variety of networks,
protocols and distributions.
Tuesday 5:00PM
Presented by: Scott Griepentrog

*PJSIP: Tuning for Performance*
Learn how tune the Asterisk PJSIP channel driver for a high volume
environment.  Includes discussions about, and examples of, configuring
realtime database access, the use of caches and other configure options and
distribution of workload.
Wednesday 3:25PM
Presented by: Mark Michelson and George Joseph

*Asterisk Testing for Your Deployments and the Project*
How the Asterisk testsuite helps to uncover issues before they appear in
your deployment and how you can use its fundamentals to test the unique
parts of your deployment.
Thursday 11:45AM
Presented by: Joshua Colp and Scott Griepentrog

*AstriCon Wrap Up*
Asterisk: Past, Present, and Future
Thursday 3:10PM
Presented by: Matt Fredrickson and Matt Jordan
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