[asterisk-users] Panasonic PBX connect to Asterisk (Ikka Tirtawidjaja)

Mc GRATH Ricardo mcgrathr at mail2web.com
Wed Sep 14 17:32:27 CDT 2016

Dear ikka
Thanks, well the best way is by  SIP to E1 ISDN gateway (could use Digium, Audiocodes, Sangoma, etc.).
But should contemplated on KX-TDA600 ISDN PRI card KX-TDA0290 and configure as QSIG signalling.
I don't recommend to use ATA FXS converter, first problem you couldn't dial to any extension to KX-TDA600, PBX answer incoming call from analogue line through Voice mail configured as Automated attendant, or DISA card.
The other point is line attenuation. 

Mc GRATH Ricardo

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