[asterisk-users] Pickup(), PickupChan()... PickupQueue()? (Niccol? Belli)

Freddi Hansen fh at danovation.dk
Mon Oct 31 14:16:30 CDT 2016

> Hi,
> I'm currently using Pickup() to pickup calls from queues, but this is 
> VERY annoying because often users from different queues dialed the 
> very same extension (for example they pressed '1' to reach something 
> but in different submenus). Other times they didn't dial anything but 
> they end up in the very same queue, so the extension to pickup is the 
> number they called.
> So every time I want to send users to a queue I have to put a Goto() 
> before the Queue() app because I need to uniquely identify the 
> extension (for example Goto(QueueName,1)).
> This is annoying. Really annoying. It also makes the dialplan hard to 
> read.
> Since we also have PickupChan() is to would be nice to have 
> PickupQueue() too. That way we shouldn't care about the extension, we 
> should simply write PickupQueue(QueueName). Simple and clear, the 
> dialplan thanks.
you could use the PICKUPMARK with the Pickup().

before you call the Queue app you set PICKUPMARK=Queuename.
When you want to pickup the call you do Pickup(Queuename at PICKUPMARK) to 
only get calls in the Queue with Queuename.


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