[asterisk-users] SIP on multiple ports

Pete Mundy pete at fiberphone.co.nz
Mon Oct 17 16:04:20 CDT 2016

> On 18/10/2016, at 12:30 am, Jerry Geis <geisj at pagestation.com> wrote:
> I am running iptables on the 10.201 machine. I have not control over the other machine. It is a microsoft lync product.
> my definition...
> [MyTrunk]
> type=friend
> dtmfmode=rfc2833
> disallow=all
> allow=ulaw
> allow=alaw
> context=my-incoming
> host=
> ;port=5068
> canreinvite=yes
> qualify=yes
> transport=tcp
> I have tried it with or without the port=5068.

Heya Jerry

With port=5068 and transport=tcp both defined, do calls outbound to the Lync device fail, or is it just registrations FROM it that are failing?

I seem to recall you mentioning it's registrations that aren't working. However for those to work you would need your Asterisk on 10.201 to also be listening for registrations via TCP, and on port 5068. I'm thinking this would be a global configuration definition, not a peer-specific definition. Others may be able to chime in with the specific options required...

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