[asterisk-users] FAX CNG detected but no fax extension

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Tue Nov 29 09:34:49 CST 2016

    Just an FYI, in the dialplan below, The ReceiveFax() application
receives the fax document and then automatically hangs up the call when it
is finished. That means Asterisk will then jump to the hangup extension in
the same context (if it exists) without executing any lines of code after
the ReceiveFax line (the Hangup() never gets executed).
John V.   

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Subject: [asterisk-users] FAX CNG detected but no fax extension

I have a question regarding incoming fax to local file (on the Asterisk
While the fax is received properly (I have the tiff file generated as
expected) I get the warning 'FAX CNG detected but no fax extension' on the

If the fax is received ok then what 'fax extension' does it expect and what
should I do there? 

My Setup:
Sender -> Public PSTN -> provider -> SIP trunk (configured with G711a) ->
Asterisk (13.6.0)

My extension.conf on relevant section is this (obviously this is not
production code):
exten => s,1,Answer()
same =>      n,Verbose(0, Attempt to Receive FAX)
same =>      n,Set(FAXOPT(gateway)=no)
same =>      n,ReceiveFax(/var/workspace/testfax.tiff,d)
same =>      n,Hangup()

Server*CLI> module show like fax
Module                         Description                              Use
Count  Status      Support Level
res_fax.so                     Generic FAX Applications                 1
Running              core
res_fax_spandsp.so             Spandsp G.711 and T.38 FAX Technologies  0
Running          extended
2 modules loaded

Thank you for your assistance,

Kind Regards,
Harel Cohen

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