[asterisk-users] Touch tone stutter

D'Arcy Cain darcy at vex.net
Wed Nov 23 13:02:18 CST 2016

On 2016-11-22 07:49 PM, Pete Mundy wrote:
> One direction that may be worth exploring further is his ATA's config (or perhaps swapping it for a different model). Eg adjusting echo cancellation or line impedance settings.

I have to be careful here as I auto-provison these devices and changes 
would propogate to every user.  Echo cancellation is off.  Do you think 
it should be on?

> Is the ATA he is using the same as the ATA you use?

No but it is the same as other users who do not have the problem.  I use 
a SIP phone and a Cisco ATA.

> Failure to correctly recognise and decode DTMF is just one of many reasons why I never use them (ATAs). Like faxing over VoIP, they're just too much trouble :(

I understand but some use cases just need it.

> Genuine IP phones are pretty good value these days. Could you drop one of those on-site as a temporary measure to prove that it's phone and/or ATA related?

He does want to have an extension so that won't work.

> Ps, you might also want to consider joining VoiceOps (if you're not already subscribed) and posting there. https://puck.nether.net/mailman/listinfo/voiceops

I have subscribed.  Thanks.

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