[asterisk-users] iowait issues on CentOS 7

Luca Pradovera luca.pradovera at gmail.com
Wed Nov 23 09:32:03 CST 2016

One of our customers has  an issue where our load average on two of the
boxes spikes on peak loads. What I got from testing is consistent with what
they were reporting: on CentOS 7, the load spikes in hockey stick fashion,
from 40-50% up to 200%, with very high iowait values.
On CentOS 6, load increases and decreases linearly and the machine never
slows down.

Asterisk version is, which is if course quite old (but it is what
is installed).
The CentOS 6 box actually has less RAM (8 Gb vs. 16 Gb), but other than
that they are exactly identical in hardware configuration.

I checked the usual culprits, but to no avail. Is this a known issue?

Best regards,

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