[asterisk-users] RS485 Audio device

Darryl Moore darryl at moores.ca
Thu Nov 3 09:32:30 CDT 2016

We do something like this, however we have two pairs of wires. One pair 
is RS-485 for control running at 9600 baud. The other pair is baseband 
audio which we control through relays on our intercoms. I can't imaging 
trying to transmit digitally encoded audio over an RS485 network. There 
are just too many issues with such a setup.



On 2016-11-02 03:46 PM, Jerry Geis wrote:
> Hi All,
> The reason for the question was simply that the customer desired some 
> solution
> called an "AOR" or Area of refuge - I think it was. Basically a call 
> button, microphone and speaker to hear back
> with the kicker being "a long distance" the solution has to run.  
> RS485 is like 4000 feet.
> There are solutions our there apparently that are not built on 
> asterisk - so I was just trying to find
> a solution that potentially worked with asterisk.
> Thanks!
> Jerry

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