[asterisk-users] Sending Calls via SIP trunk from several different IP addresses from same Asterisk Machine, to the same destination IP

Attila Megyeri amegyeri at minerva-soft.com
Wed May 25 16:13:48 CDT 2016


I would like to reopen a discussion that I saw a couple of years ago, with the subject  "Sending Calls via SIP trunk from two different IP addresses from same Asterisk Machine"

The use case is simpe: There are providers that want to see a separate source IP address for each of their customers SIP trunks. Now, if we have an asterisk box with several customers, we have a problem.

Does anyone have experience in this topic? How could we send outgoing calls (to the same destination IP) from different source IPs depending on the caller ID (Based on From: field, sip account, preferred-identity, whatever).

I was thinking about some Kamailio, or SBC that would take the calls from asterisk using a user/pass authentication on a single interface, and initiate calls from a dedicated IP address for each customer.
Any better idea?


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