[asterisk-users] asterisk admin interface

Steve Edwards asterisk.org at sedwards.com
Mon May 16 15:23:56 CDT 2016

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> On Mon, 16 May 2016, Goke Aruna wrote:

> can anyone give me a guide on any asterisk admin solution / interface 
> for config management, and monitoring? No database use is intended and I 
> prefer open source.

> On May 16, 2016 20:50, "Steve Edwards" <asterisk.org at sedwards.com> 
> wrote:
> Can you be a bit more specific about what you want to accomplish?

On Mon, 16 May 2016, Goke Aruna wrote:

> I want to be able edit my dialplan and add /edit / delete sip accounts.
> Then be able to see active calls though I have done that AMI in the past 
> but i would not mind learning the best way it is done today.

I think most people use FreePBX for this kind of task, but that may be 
historical inertia.

You may want to take a look at nerdvittles.com. I think their Incredible 
PBX package uses FreePBX or some new GUI whose name escapes me.

They also have a couple of articles on XiVO which they seem to be excited 

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