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A J Stiles asterisk_list at earthshod.co.uk
Mon May 16 03:10:37 CDT 2016

On Saturday 14 May 2016, Stefan Becker wrote:
> Greetings,
> asterisk list and community,
> I have a problem in how our telefon switch (Siemens HiCOM)
> "talks" with my new configured Asterisk server (V.11.18.0)
> without my Asterisks server in the middle....
> <phone> <--> Siemens HiCOM <-ISDN-> NTBA <-...-> PBX Telekom
> A phone connected to the switch requests an "Outgoing" line
> by dialing "0". The party is connected via ISDN to
> the carrier (deutsche Telekom) where the party preceeds
> to dial numbers... and the call is connected....
> What I can see while I am dialing is that with every
> digit I press it is being displayed on my phone.
> Further more, these digits are being processed by the
> carrier. The call goes through, rings, immediately on
> completion on the number or is rejected if busy.
> WITH my Asterisks server in the middle of the exchange...
> A phone connected to the switch requests an "Outgoing" line
> by dialing "0". -->  Asterisks recieves incoming call on "s".
> The dialed digits are collected. The dial plan is
> executed accordingly but the "caller" recieves no
> more information about the dialed number. The number is
> not placed in the "dialed" numbers simple functions like
> "redial" do not work anymore.
> Does anybody know what I am doing wrong here. Is there a
> way to teach asterisk to behave exactly as if it were the
> PBX (deutsche Telekom).
> So, as to say, act in a way that NO ONE will rightly know
> the differance between having asterisk taking over the
> function of the ISDN PBX.
> What do I need?  A better dial plan to somehow better simulate
> the way the switch normaly behaves?
> Is hardware the problem?
> My ISDN card in the server is:
> "QuadBRI ISDN Digium Wildcard b410P"
> Most everything else functionly works. incoming and outgoing calls
> from and to ISDN, VoIP and other equipment work fine.
> Just that the phones and switch don't recieve the "collected"
> number sequence the was dialed.
> Any help or ideas anyone might have would be greatly appreciated.

Your problem is that you are still thinking in terms of old-fashioned, clicky-
clicky mechanical telephone exchanges.  Instead of "dialling 0 to request an 
outside line", you need to let Asterisk accept all the digits and then 
determine for itself whether the call is going to be an inside or outside one.

- If the user dials 3 digits  (or however long your internal numbers are),  
treat it as an internal number.
- If the user dials 6 digits  (or however long numbers are on your local 
exchange),  treat it as an external, local number.
- If the user dials 11 digits starting with 0  (or however long a number is in 
your country, including the STD code),  treat it as an external, STD number.
- If the number dials 9 or more digits starting with 00, treat it as an 
external, IDD number.

It will make your dialplan a little more complicated; but if it is too simple, 
you won't be taking full advantage of the power of Asterisk.


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