[asterisk-users] Questions... connecting Asterisk to the World

Stefan Becker becker at yukonho.de
Sat May 14 11:51:12 CDT 2016


asterisk list and community,

I have a problem in how our telefon switch (Siemens HiCOM)
"talks" with my new configured Asterisk server (V.11.18.0)

without my Asterisks server in the middle....

<phone> <--> Siemens HiCOM <-ISDN-> NTBA <-...-> PBX Telekom

A phone connected to the switch requests an "Outgoing" line
by dialing "0". The party is connected via ISDN to
the carrier (deutsche Telekom) where the party preceeds
to dial numbers... and the call is connected....

What I can see while I am dialing is that with every 
digit I press it is being displayed on my phone.  
Further more, these digits are being processed by the
carrier. The call goes through, rings, immediately on
completion on the number or is rejected if busy.

WITH my Asterisks server in the middle of the exchange...

A phone connected to the switch requests an "Outgoing" line
by dialing "0". -->  Asterisks recieves incoming call on "s".
The dialed digits are collected. The dial plan is 
executed accordingly but the "caller" recieves no 
more information about the dialed number. The number is
not placed in the "dialed" numbers simple functions like
"redial" do not work anymore.

Does anybody know what I am doing wrong here. Is there a
way to teach asterisk to behave exactly as if it were the
PBX (deutsche Telekom).  
So, as to say, act in a way that NO ONE will rightly know
the differance between having asterisk taking over the
function of the ISDN PBX.

What do I need?  A better dial plan to somehow better simulate
the way the switch normaly behaves?
Is hardware the problem?

My ISDN card in the server is:
"QuadBRI ISDN Digium Wildcard b410P"

Most everything else functionly works. incoming and outgoing calls
from and to ISDN, VoIP and other equipment work fine.

Just that the phones and switch don't recieve the "collected" 
number sequence the was dialed.

Any help or ideas anyone might have would be greatly appreciated.



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