[asterisk-users] Early Media Dialplan Issue

Dan Adkins dadkins at tenpointcomplete.com
Mon May 9 12:36:16 CDT 2016

Hello all,

Our company is working with a third party predictive dialer application that uses Asterisk 10.8.0 as its underlying telephony engine.  For several months, we have had issues with the execution of the dialplan due to early media packets being sent from our SIP provider.  My understanding of the problem is that an early media message arrives and the dial plan begins its execution, AMD hears silence and passes the connection to an agent.  The agent ends up with either a constant ringing or a connection without audio.

Despite an active maintenance contract, the dialer company has given up trying to solve the issue.  Furthermore, they have no immediate plans to upgrade the underlying version of Asterisk.  I do have root access to the server but would be hesitant to make changes outside of the Asterisk configuration files.

My question is twofold.  First, is there anything that I could adjust in one of the Asterisk configuration files that would take care of this problem?  Alternatively, is there a hardware\software  approach to filtering these packets?  As a side note, we do have a couple of Adtran 916e routers that could be used if they would be of any help.

Dan Adkins
IT Manager - TenPoint Complete

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