[asterisk-users] SPA112 flapping

Victor Villarreal mefhigoseth at gmail.com
Mon Jun 20 12:27:50 CDT 2016

Hi Mike,

I would try the following:

* If you can login through HTTP, check the uptime of the Cisco device. Make
sure the device is not rebooting.
* If you can, make a 'ping' from the PBX to the device and annotate
milli-seconds of response. Then compare then to the default 'qualify' sip
setting for the Cisco peer (width sip show peer _SPA112_PEER_NAME_). Maybe
you can set 'qualify=X' where 'X' is the measured round-trip time to a peer.
* If the Cisco is behind a NAT device/router, maybe the default 60 seconds
for the 'qualifyfreq=60' sip setting is not enough to keep active the
session. Try changing this value to something lower like 15 or 30 seconds.


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