[asterisk-users] Removing mailbox and password prompt for voicemail

D'Arcy J.M. Cain darcy at Vex.Net
Sun Jul 31 10:42:56 CDT 2016

On Sun, 31 Jul 2016 06:19:13 +0100
Nabeel <nabeelshikder at gmail.com> wrote:
> I tried your extension definition as suggested:

But did you understand every line and what it was doing?

> exten => *98,1,Verbose(0,${CHANNEL(peername)} calling voicemail)
> same => n,VoicemailMain(${CHANNEL(peername)}@VoiceMail,s)
> same => n,Hangup
> But there was no change in the prompts asked, ie. the voice first
> asked for 'mailbox', and then 'password' as before. The prompts are
> not removed.

Too much information missing.  Perhaps instead of asking how to
implement the solution that you have already decided on you should
instead tell us what problem you are trying to solve.  Are you really
trying to make your voicemail available to anyone who calls you or are
you limiting it to just the registered phone?  How are you accessing VM?

> Please clarify what you mean by the following:
> "If someone presses '*' while listening to your answer message then
> they are in your mailbox."
> Do you mean while someone is listening to another user's 'unavailable
> message' or 'busy message', if they press '*' at that time they will
> enter the other person's mailbox?

That's exactly what I mean.  That's why you need to password protect
it.  The above recipe allows you to bypass the password prompt but only
when called from the registered phone and only when "*98" is dialed
from that phone.

I suspect that you need to read the documentation a lot more.  VoIP/SIP
is complicated.  I certainly don't understand everything but I was able
to craft the above extension by reading up on extensions as well as
system variables.

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