[asterisk-users] Removing mailbox and password prompt for voicemail

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Sun Jul 31 10:29:33 CDT 2016

On 07/30/2016 11:19 PM, Nabeel wrote:
> I tried your extension definition as suggested:
> exten => *98,1,Verbose(0,${CHANNEL(peername)} calling voicemail)
> same => n,VoicemailMain(${CHANNEL(peername)}@VoiceMail,s)
> same => n,Hangup
> But there was no change in the prompts asked, ie. the voice first asked
> for 'mailbox', and then 'password' as before. The prompts are not removed.
> Please clarify what you mean by the following:
> "If someone presses '*' while listening to your answer message then they
> are in your mailbox."
> Do you mean while someone is listening to another user's 'unavailable
> message' or 'busy message', if they press '*' at that time they will
> enter the other person's mailbox?
> Nabeel

Depending on the version of Asterisk you are running, and assuming that 
your phones are SIP devices, you might want to try this (lots of debug 
at the top which could be removed):

exten => *98,1,NoOp(------- VOICEMAIL MENU -------)
same => n,NoOp(CALLERID(num): ${CALLERID(num)})
same => n,NoOp(ip : ${SIPPEER(${CALLERID(num)},ip)})
same => n,NoOp(mailbox : ${SIPPEER(${CALLERID(num)},mailbox)})
same => n,set(DATETIME=${STRFTIME(${EPOCH},,%C%y-%m%d-%H%M)})
same => n,NoOp(DATETIME : ${DATETIME})
same => n,Answer
same => n,Playback(silence/1)
;same => n,ExecIf($["${CALLERID(num)}" = 
same => n,Set(VMBOX=${SIPPEER(${CALLERID(num)},mailbox)})
same => n,VoicemailMain(${VMBOX},s)
same => n,Hangup

If you wish to override the default mailbox for a particular user, you 
can also uncomment the line above which in this example connects 
extension 206 to the voicemail box for extension 100.

;same => n,ExecIf($["${CALLERID(num)}" = 

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