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Ludovic Gasc gmludo at gmail.com
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2016-07-17 14:30 GMT+02:00 Annus Fictus <annusfictus at gmail.com>:

> The main idea of the new channel was working on a multi-domain environment
For now, to my experience, it's more future-proof compliant to use a prefix
in the SIP username than multi-domain environment.
Even if the multi-domain support was perfect in Asterisk, we tested some
crappy SIP endpoints where in fact, even if you configure a domain name
everywhere in the configuration, you have only IPs in SIP packets.

We have that on production for our cloud plateform, it works pretty well
and also simplify whitelabel handling.
Moreover, if you have a good provisioning support, it will be invisible for
your users.

When I see the time needed to really use on production the SNI feature in
SSL, and you have only 5 majors HTTP endpoints (aka Web browsers).
In the SIP world, I'm not sure you can use multi domain except if you can
force the SIP endpoints used by your clients.

> , have more then one device registered with same credentials and have more
> stability.
Since 13.9.1, we have a better experience of pjsip.
Nevertheless, not yet massively used on production for now, we planned to
migrate endpoint by endpoint to minimize the risk.

> Be Better still with Asterisk 1.11.X?
Maybe you could use Asterisk 13 with chan_sip to start, it works pretty
well and already think to support chan_pjsip in the same time.
The benefit to think about that if one day you need to use an alternative
channel like chan_iax2, it should be easier to implement for you.

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