[asterisk-users] PJSIP - State of the art

Annus Fictus annusfictus at gmail.com
Sun Jul 17 07:30:41 CDT 2016


I'd like share with you my tests about PJSIP channel with the aim of 
improving the functioning of the channel:

  * Multi domain support not work correctly:
  * Different context subscribe for each endpoint not possible:
  * BLF don't work correctly on my tests with X-Lite, BRIA, JiTSI. Only
    work partially with microsip but because this softphone use the same
    SIP STACK (PJSIP). I test BLF with the latest Asterisk version and
    latest  FreePBX version. The problem is when a softphone is on the
    phone on the other softphone appear off-line. On Jitsi not is
    possible know if a Endpoints is or not online

The main idea of the new channel was working on a multi-domain 
environment, have more then one device registered with same credentials 
and have more stability.

Be Better still with Asterisk 1.11.X?


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