[asterisk-users] ODBC freezing Asterisk 13

Saint Michael venefax at gmail.com
Thu Jul 14 18:26:34 CDT 2016

​Many people are reporting the same issue, so it is not my imagination.
Asterisk 13 above 13.1 is useless for anybody who ​relies on res_odbc.so.
As you know, after that version, the dropped the complexity of Pooling onto
unix_odbc itself. Not so simple, it seems. I noticed that after a few hours
of inactivity, any call to func_odbc-defined funcions will block and hang
for ever. All we can do at that point is reset Asterisk.
I think it was highly rushed a decision to drop all the work done in ODBC
inside Asterisk. Maybe unix_odbc pooling is not ready, has bugs, it cannot
be used in production. I don't know what the issue is, but I had to
downgrade to Asterisk 13.1 and my ODBC problems disappeared. Asterisk did
not need to drop the ODBC pooling code. It did work. It should be fixed,
made faster, etc.
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