[asterisk-users] PJSIP Stun/ICE

Joshua Colp jcolp at digium.com
Wed Jan 27 05:25:12 CST 2016

Bryant Zimmerman wrote:
> Joshua
> I look forward to improvements as time goes on with PJSIP.
> I have been trying all day to get the Transport objects to pull from a
> real-time table. The documentation says it is possible, but does not
> show any examples. I am hoping to have the Transports pulled from the
> table at asterisk startup and then add additional as necessary. Using
> reloads to make the new Transports available. I understand the
> limitation of not being able to change existing and can live with that
> for now.
> Do you know if there is anything special I have to do in the
> sorcery.conf to make the Transports pull from the real-time side of
> things. All my other tables are working.
> I disagree with the user that things PJSIP is worthless. There are some
> issues to work out long term, and documentation will get better over
> time as more of us work with it and contribute back. Thanks for all you
> have assisted with around PJSIP.

This is not a configuration I've used but I am aware of others doing so. 
However if you intend to be able to add to the table and then do a 
reload this won't work. The reload operation is stopped for transports 
as I've previously stated. If you are starting up and transports aren't 
found then this would be an issue, which would need console output and 

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