[asterisk-users] PJSIP Stun/ICE

Joshua Colp jcolp at digium.com
Tue Jan 26 19:39:40 CST 2016

James Cloos wrote:
>>>>>> "JC" == Joshua Colp<jcolp at digium.com>  writes:
> JC>  This stems from PJSIP not being dynamic with transports (it
> JC>  doesn't like its environment changed to that degree while
> JC>  in use). I'm afraid if your IP changes you'd have to restart
> JC>  Asterisk when you are using PJSIP.
> Wow.
> I say this having voted for pjsip over the listed alternatives back when
> the plan to depricate chan_sip was first floated:
> That should have excluded pj from the options.  Which of course means
> there were no reasonable options.

PJSIP doesn't like changing existing transports, the NAT functionality 
is provided by the Asterisk implementation and can't be reloaded as a 
side effect due to the heavy handed restriction. With work it could be 
changed to allow the non low level things to be changed. What you can't 
do with PJSIP is create a UDP transport, reload, and have it removed. 
Once it's there it is there unless you restart.

> Can ari get around that bug?

ARI is a REST interface to Asterisk, it doesn't have anything to do with 

> Lack of full support for traversing nat makes pjsip worthless for a
> large number of users.  And the whole point of realtime is to have all
> of the rt config fully dymanic.

I disagree that it makes it worthless for a large number of users. It's 
only within the last few days that a few people have run into this 
particular issue where they have a public IP address that is changing a 
lot and PJSIP does not support changing it without a restart. If it were 
a huge sweeping issue we'd be seeing it more often. If it continues to 
show up a community member or us (heck maybe even myself in my spare 
time) may look into implementing it.

> If ari cannot avoid that limitation, chan_sip should get full ongoing
> maintainance until pjsip is fixed.

The support level for chan_sip has already been changed and was 
announced long ago. Patches will continue to be accepted for it and 
community members can support it. We (Digium) are putting our effort 
towards PJSIP.

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